CORE DAY 3 on Friday 14th Feb saw year 13s ‘preparing for the next step’. ¬†They were given a series of challenges throughout the day to see which team would win.
They developed their character, organisation, resilience and excellence skills by completing a masterchef challenge – students had to design a menu for a main course and a dessert and were awarded marks for taste, price and how healthy their meals were, as well as bonus marks for how well they worked as a team and how hygienic and tidy they were.

Students then had to work through a series of practical challenges, including how to budget, how to work a washing machine and dishwasher, practical ironing and sewing tips, how to put on a duvet cover, as well as how to be safe using household chemicals.

Students were an absolute credit to themselves and managed to feed all their group with the food they had made, with either lunch or a special valentine’s dinner!

Well done all!