C.O.R.E Values

Ormiston SWB Academy students are expected to demonstrate a vast array of characteristics that will prepare them for future success. Our values clearly signal to staff, students and parents the C.O.R.E values of Character, Organisation, Resilience and Excellence which ensure our Academy is a focused, happy and a safe place to learn and achieve.

Click on the headers below to see our expectations.

  • Show respect for everyone in the Academy
  • Show respect for all staff by following requests ‘FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME’
  • Use appropriate language at an appropriate volume
  • Use good manners. We will say
    ‘Please’, Thank you’ and ‘Pardon’
  • Avoid confrontation
  • Show respect for the Academy environment
  • Have the correct equipment each day
  • look smart, correct uniform at all times
  • Take responsibility for my attendance each day
  • Attend all my lessons, making sure I am in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time
  • Take responsibility for my behaviour and actions every time and not seek to blame others
  • Keep myself safe moving around the Academy in a calm and orderly manner, respecting balconies and stairs
  • Keep myself safe in all lessons by listening to the advice from staff and asking when I am unsure
  • Not bring prohibited items into the Academy
  • Keep myself safe by using technology
  • appropriately
  • Keep myself safe on my journey to and from the Academy
  • Never put myself/others in danger with my actions
  • Have a positive attitude with a desire to learn and achieve
  • Take responsibility for my own learning and
  • complete all work to the best of my ability
  • Take responsibility for my own progress by acting upon teachers’ advice with positivity