Reece Hill ( Studied September 2010 - June 2015)

Subjects Taken: A-level Biology, Chemistry and Maths @ King Edward VI College, Stourbridge

This summer, I completed my fourth year of my medical degree @ Newcastle University. I am now pausing my medical studies (known as intercalation) to study “Computational Neuroscience, Cognition and A.I. MSc” @ University of Nottingham. Upon completion of this Master’s, I shall return to Newcastle University to complete my final year of medicine and seek to gain registration as a Doctor in the NHS.  

What have you achieved since leaving SWB?

Since leaving SWB, I have moved away from Wolverhampton and settled in the North of England. I’ve been keeping busy, and I’ve met new people from different walks of life. I’d say my biggest achievement is getting into medical school; it still feels impossible that I’m even here. Aside from my medical studies I’ve also enjoyed a student exchange, where I lived (and studied) in Malaysia for 4 months. That was fun. I’ve also set up a not-for-profit group called AIMS.Guide, where I offer help and advice to any student that wants to become a doctor.

What advice would you give to students currently studying at SWB who are thinking of entering your career?

The best future doctors are ones that have come from varied backgrounds and have lived different experiences; they’re not all posh! My advice to anyone considering becoming a doctor is: you need a plan. Whilst you and your friends know you have the ability (and compassion) to do the job, you will need proof. The application process is not simple and it will require some planning to ensure you maximise your chances. And remember – ask for help if something doesn’t make sense along the way!

What are your career plans for the future?
I’m unsure exactly where I will be in the future. I know that I’m interested in the mind, how it works, and what’s happening in the brain when it doesn’t work as well. I’m also interested in programming. So perhaps my future job title will be a mix between the two. Either way, training to be a doctor is a long path so there’s no pressure to decide yet!

What is your best memory of SWB?

It was always a laugh travelling on the coach between the old site in Parkfields to Bilston!