It is an expectation that students attend the Academy every day and on time for their lessons. Absence from the Academy has a negative impact on a child’s education. High attendance is a priority at Ormiston SWB Academy. Successful students have excellent attendance.

Students should only be absent from the Academy for valid reasons such as genuine illness or Academy arranged activities. The following reasons for absences will not be authorised: holidays – regardless of the reason, full day absences for short medical appointments, special birthday celebrations, etc. If there is an emergency or crisis situation that is unforeseen, please follow the academy absence reporting procedures.

It is vital that all absences are reported to the Academy. This should be done before 8:40am on the first day of absence and on each consecutive day. Student absences must be reported on the ParentMail App or absence line on 01902 493797 (option 1) outlining the following information;

  • Child’s name
  • Year group
  • Form group
  • Contact number
  • Reason for absence

Students should be encouraged to make appointments at the end of the Academy day or in the holidays where possible. If this is not possible, we would expect students to attend before and after the appointment where reasonably possible.

 The Principal will not authorise any holiday during term time.  All parent/carers have been informed of this decision. The consequences of an unauthorised holiday may include;

  • A fixed penalty fine
  • Legal action by the authority
  • Withdrawal of an Academy place

Any requests for leave due to exceptional circumstances must be made in writing to:
Mr D Mason
Ormiston SWB Academy
Dudley St, Bilston WV14 0LN