With the final show of “We Will Rock You” over, words cannot really do justice to how the creative team of Mr Barbary, Mr Stevens, Miss Tompkins and Mr Hill feel about these performers. Every one of them has been a star in their own right.

Mason, who joined the cast at a very late stage, has put in outstanding effort to catch up and has performed way outside of his comfort level both vocally and as a leading man, and has done so spectacularly.

Lamaara has made amazing progress from her first role in Bugsy Malone, back in Year 7, to a range of side characters, until she can finally take her rightful place in the spotlight where she truly belongs, as a leading lady, her powerful vocals had everyone amazed. There were a number of year 6 girls in the matinee performance that were really inspired by what she has achieved.

Phoebe has consistently given everything she has in her role of Killer Queen, with vocals and acting that surely would give any West End actress a run for their money. Not only that, but she has choreographed most of the routines, taught the dances, and despite her massive talent has the great humility to mentor younger students and do menial jobs behind the scenes, long after everyone else has left.

We couldn’t be more proud of the bravery of some of our students, such as Briar Rose, who is performing such an incredibly demanding role as Killer Queen, a character so at odds with her sweet personality, and this, in her first ever production! But her true courage was shown tonight when, despite suffering through an illness and almost entirely losing her voice, she took her place on stage and bravely put her all into her performance.  Thank you so much to the cast who helped her out backstage and onstage to support this newcomer as one of their own, there were a lot of tears after the show and our opinion of Briar has never been higher than it was tonight.  Our only regret is that audiences never got to see Briar perform at her full power, but we do hope to see her on our stage again soon!

Lily G has impressed us so much, as another late addition to the cast, she learned her lines incredibly quickly, and it was wonderful to see her “evil” acting!

Charley and Riley were an outstanding double act, Charley really rocked the crowd with her incredible vocals and sense of style, and so many people were amazed that Riley had so much hidden talent. This is also true of Joel, who has attended every rehearsal since day one, and has overcome shyness and inexperience to steal the show with many of the laugh out loud moments coming from his improvisations!

We are so very proud of Mia, who has battled major stage fright and yet still pulled off some truly brilliant vocals, particularly in her heartbreaking solo song. I don’t think any student has as much enthusiasm and positive energy as Brad, who is not only a joy to work with but a force of nature on stage, whether playing the part of Britney Spears, or as a chorus dancer, he is always the centre of attention!

In Drama there are no small parts, only small actors. Those in the chorus have all proved themselves in various moments of the show. I have lost count of how many people have asked me “Who is this Paige? I couldn’t stop watching her!” Millie and Lily have been instrumental in making the dances look as good as they do, putting in countless hours of additional practise and helping others learn the routines. Alicia has also shown great bravery with her performance, and shown outstanding commitment to the rehearsal process. Abi has been a delight to work with in every production she is in, and we must make special mention of Amelia, Chloe and Roselyn, who have joined the cast at a very late stage and despite this, have all excelled in their roles.

The band has been instrumental (get it?) in the success of this show, with Kacie wowing audiences, despite having only picked up a guitar 2 months ago! Also a huge thankyou to Jack, our drummer, another last minute replacement, who has had only TWO WEEKS to learn the entire show.


Demi and Maddie have been incredibly helpful, operating the complex sound and lighting systems with only a few days notice, and have excelled.

 None of us, as a Creative Team, have to put on productions like this every year, they are an enormous amount of extra work, and this one has been perhaps the most grueling of all shows we have worked on, but when we have a group of students who are an absolute pleasure to work with like this, it is impossible not to want to give our all to make sure they have the best theatrical experience we can.


Thank you to the parents who have supported us by allowing your children to put in the many hours of work outside of school time, and for cheering them on. We are so proud of all of them, and cannot wait to start it all over again, for our next production… SCHOOL OF ROCK!

 – Mr Stevens