In RE, the year 9 students are currently studying the Impact of the Holocaust on faith and humanity. As an extension of the course we decided to invite a Holocaust Survivor into the academy to give their own testimony to the students.

Janine Webber is one of the few Holocaust Survivors still present and kindly volunteered to attend. Her story was incredible and gave our students first hand knowledge of what took place and the severity of antisemitism during this period in time.

She informed us of how her life changed drastically with a particular focus on life in the ghettos and their continued attempt to escape. Unfortunately she was the only one to escape out of her mother, father and brother who all sadly had their lives taken by those in power in some of the most brutal ways imaginable. Her story of survival gripped us all with one student describing her as a Hero!

We as an Academy feel privileged to have been blessed with both her presence and inspiring messages. As a staff body, we are immensely proud of how our students conducted themselves and hope that they spread the word so that we can ensure something like this never happens again!
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