Consultation on admission arrangements

Dear interested party,

RE: Consultation on admission arrangements

I am writing to notify you of the upcoming consultation on the Academy’s admissions policy. The consultation period will run from 01 October 2021 until 12 November 2021; during this time, parents are invited to express their views and any concerns about the proposed changes to the admission arrangements at Ormiston SWB Academy.

In accordance with the DfE’s 2021 statutory ‘School Admissions Code’ guidance, as an Academy we must consult on our admission arrangements when changes are proposed, and at least once every seven years.

To this end, the following amendments to our admission arrangements have been proposed:

  • Changes to Sixth Form course criteria and entry requirements

This is being proposed as the governing body believe that streamlining the entry requirements for Sixth Form will make it easier for prospective parents and students to understand and apply.

A full version of the proposed changes to the admission arrangements, as well as the rationale behind them, is available to view at  

In accordance with statutory DfE guidance, the consultation will run for at least six weeks and, as an interested party at Ormiston SWB Academy, we are keen to hear your views on the proposed changes; therefore, we invite you to participate in the consultation if you have any concerns regarding the matter.

All responses to the consultation should be made in writing and submitted before 15:00 on 12 November 2021 to [email protected], marked FAO Admissions Team.

Please note that written responses should outline your personal details, including your name, address and relationship to the Academy.

At the end of the consultation period, the governing body will meet to consider responses. The outcome of the consultation will be published on the Academy website as soon as possible following a decision being reached by the body. Hard copies of the final report will be made available on request to all respondents of the consultation.

For further information regarding the consultation process, please refer to our proposal document, copies of which can be located on the Academy website. If you wish to further discuss this matter, or anything mentioned in this letter, please contact [email protected], marked FAO Admissions Team.

Yours sincerely,