"Rumpelstiltskin" performs at last!

Our SWB pantomime “Rumpelstiltskin” has been years in the making (since Jan 2020!) and was cancelled in 2021 due to COVID, but finally performed to a live audience at the end of 2023, and was well worth the wait. Videos of both nights are now available!

Both performances are led by Shanai Dowe (y10), who has been waiting since year 8 for the chance to perform, along with the talents of Lizanne Samath, Victor Zdyb, Kaiya Oakley, Isabel Whitehouse, John Burns, Anna Kemp, Ellie-Mae Beavon, and Layla Jones.

This is the Tuesday night performance, where the rotating leads are Reagon Leek, La’Shontae Stewart, Elle-Mai Foster, Xander Hickman, Wyatt Bevington and Cherish Nicholson-Williams.

This is the Wednesday night performance with Darius Stirbat, Holly Helm, Elizabeth Melia, Caitlin Gregg, Gabrielle Vologaite and Rebecca Okeowo.

Many thanks to the staff and students who made this all possible!