Parkfield High School Memories Project

Ormiston SWB Academy opened in 2012 and as we have now been open for ten years it was decided to launch a project that would reach back in time to connect with the school that preceded it, Parkfield High School which was opened in 1963 and closed in 2009.

The project aims to capture the memories, stories and artefacts associated with Parkfield High School during its 47 years. The risk is that these memories, stories and artefacts may be lost in time and those years the school was open may become a distant memory.

Students at Ormiston SWB Academy have a desire to find out more about Parkfield High School, connect with the people who formed the community at Parkfield and give something back to them. They will be running the project with the help of an experienced heritage professional.

The project will be FOR the former staff and students of Parkfield High School and made BY current students at SWB.

How can you help?

To make this project possible we are making a bid for funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. We need to demonstrate that we have sufficient support.

Please take a few minutes to complete the short online survey by clicking HERE.