Year 10 Assessment Week

Calling all year 10 students! It's time to get organised, because on the 8th of November you will be starting your year 10 assessment week! This means you will be completing assessments in all of your subjects during your lessons that week.

So, what does that mean for you? It means that you will now need to be organised and start revising for your assessments. Year 10 is a very important year, it is the start of your GCSE journey and the opportunity for you to give yourself the very best start to life in Key stage 4. It's time to learn how to revise properly and effectively, using your knowledge organisers to make notes and revision cards and asking your teachers for extra work and support. For tips on how to revise effectively using your Knowledge Organisers, as well as digital copies of all the Knowledge Organiser revision material, please visit

Your Personal tutor will be giving you a blank assessment timetable. You will need to ask your subject teachers when your assessments will be, and fill in your timetable to help you prepare and revise for your upcoming assessment. Remember, assessments start on Monday the 8th of November! Good luck and revise, revise, revise!