Rumpelstiltskin – All School pantomime - CANCELLED


It is with great regret we announce that, due to the worsening COVID situation, and on advice from public health, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel our 2021 Pantomime, “Rumpelstiltskin”. This is a massive blow to lose the production so close to the performance date, and an enormous amount of work had gone into it, not just our amazing cast who have been working brilliantly since September, but also our many behind the scenes staff and student helpers who have been working on sets, costumes and masks, not to mention the pre-production work that has been going on since 2020.Although we cannot perform this show to parents as we intended, we still want those involved to have a record of the work done on the show, and so we intend to record a video of the production with a smaller, socially distanced student audience during the final week of the winter term. A digital copy of this will be made available free of charge to parents as a thank you for your child’s involvement. Anyone who has bought tickets on Parentmail will receive a full refund soon.We also hope that, if things improve in 2022 and live school productions are able to resume, that we will re-launch the show as our 2022 pantomime, and we do hope that any many of our cast members will return to the project and get the live performance opportunity that they deserve.

Wednesday 15th December 10.10am (this show has scheduled Harry Bond as Prince Charming, Gabriele Vologaite as Nanna, Kaiya Oakley as Kurtis)

Thursday 16th December - 10.10am (this show has scheduled Michael Simmonds as Prince Charming, Kaiya Oakley as Nanna, Gabriele Vologaite as Kurtis)