Your 2021 Options


Dear parents and carers of Year 9 students,

This month your child completes the process of determining which subjects they will be examined on in the summer of 2023.

Whilst that may seem a long way in the future the decisions they make now will affect their curriculum and future and so it is a very important time for them.

Owing to the on-going lockdown the options process for 2021 will take place virtually. This area of our website is designed to make the process as smooth as possible. All the information you and your child will need can be found here so they can make the right choices for their future.


Please look at all the information carefully. Full details of each course we offer can be found in the core and option sections. There is also a ‘how to’ guide to help you complete the options form.

CORE Day 5th Feb 2021 online drop-in sessions

In order to support the virtual options process this year, the academy is offering a series of drop in sessions to help students with their decision-making.

The following timeslots will be available to students and parents if they wish to make a specific enquiry about a subject area. These are those subjects with an optional element only as some subjects are core subjects and therefore compulsory. All relevant information can also be found on our website. Pupils will be sent a Microsoft teams invite to all sessions but (with the exception of the assembly) they are not compulsory. They are to provide the opportunity to ask for help or clarification. Simply type your query into the chat function and a member of staff will respond to you

CORE day 3. Year 9. 5/2/21 


9am -9.15am

Whole Year Group Assembly


9.15am – 10am

Geography/ History/ PRE

General Question Drop-In session with
Mrs Patterson and Mr King

10am – 11am

Creative Media/ Health/ Child Development/ Travel/PE

11am – 12pm

Design & Technology / Hospitality/ Engineering/Business/ICT/Computer Science


12- 1pm

Music/ Performing Arts/ Art/ Textiles

General Question Drop-In session with
Mrs Patterson and Mr King

1pm – 2pm

French/ Science (Separate)

2pm – 3pm

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Subject Information Presentations

Please download the subject presentations from the options below.  These are provided in Microsoft Powerpoint format, many contain videos so please ensure that you click “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content”, then run in Slideshow Mode (F5) to get the best out of the presentations.     


Academy Prospectus

Sixth Form Prospectus


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