Ambition Academy

Introducing the ‘Ambition Academy’

The Ambition Academy is a programme created for high achieving students to enable them to have the skills, experiences and information they need to make applications to the most prestigious courses at the most competitive universities in the UK (generally acknowledged as being predominantly, but not exclusively, those universities that belong to the Russell Group.)

Top ranked universities have huge social, economic and cultural impacts locally, across the UK and around the globe:

  • They produce more than two-thirds of the world-leading research produced in UK universities and support more than 260,000 jobs across the country.
  • They inject nearly £87 billion into the national economy every year.
  • 32% of students are of non-UK nationality, attracted by the quality, relevance and reputation of research.

To make a successful application to one of these universities will require excellent grades but also a rounded application demonstrating a variety of key skills and experiences.

The programme will highlight key enrichment activities that will be of benefit to a future application, will include talks and visits and generally seek to maintain high aspirations and remove any barriers to a future application to one of these institutions. Some of these opportunities are limited by the provider to specific year groups. Others encompass every year group. All students will receive a broad offer across the academic year.

No more than 5% of each year group (7-11) are selected. The opportunity is by invitation only.

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