Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How many subjects can I choose?

Three subjects is normal, although in the instances of exceptional GCSE performance, this can be increased to accommodate four subjects.

How do I decide what subjects to take?

We encourage you to pick those subjects in which you have a genuine interest as well as those which are likely to facilitate your chosen career path.

How can I find out more about the subjects on offer?

Make sure you read the information provided in the subject section of this prospectus carefully and direct any questions you may have to the relevant subject staff.

You can also look out for open days/mornings. Feel free to email SWB 6th to come in and see us in action.

What happens before and after my interview?

At the interview, we will discuss your application, your subject choices and your progress. All being well, we will make you a written offer of a place in the Sixth Form.

The offer will usually be conditional, meaning we will expect certain grades to be achieved in certain subjects.

What happens on GCSE results day and my subsequent enrollment to the Sixth Form?

During this time, your subjects’ courses will
be fully confirmed upon reviewing your GCSE results. Should specific entry requirements not be met, then an alternative curriculum offer may be presented. Students who then successfully
enrol at SWB 6th will commence their studies in September.

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How do I apply?

Once you have decided you would like to apply, the first thing to do, is fill in the form on our Online Admissions Page. We would then invite you to read the curriculum offer carefully and start to think about the subjects you would like to study with us. Please consider the entry requirements carefully. Do not worry if you are unsure which courses you would like to take, simply indicate those in which you are most interested. You will not need to make any firm choices until your interview. Final decisions will be made at enrolment which takes place after publication of your GCSE/BTEC results.

What if I am already a SWB student?

If you are currently a SWB Academy
student your application form should be passed to your tutor for them to complete the other sections. Your tutor will then need to return it to the Sixth Form. A reference will be required before any interviews can talk place.

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