Careers Programme

Raising aspirations from Year 7 onwards.

Careers Programme

Raising aspirations from Year 7.

Careers Programme

Here at Ormiston SWB Academy we encourage students to raise their aspirations from Year 7 onwards.

Our Programme
The Ormiston SWB Academy Careers Lead is Mrs Joanna Jones. Mrs Jones is available in school all week and can be seen both through booked appointments and drop in sessions. Parents are also welcome to arrange an appointment.

All students are involved in the Academy’s Careers Education Programme which starts in Year 7 and runs through into Sixth Form. We aim to raise student aspirations, support them into further learning and equip them with the skills they need to achieve success in their chosen pathway. This programme develops their career skills covering self-development, career exploration and career management.

Ormiston SWB Academy has a holistic approach to Careers Education. Students follow our bespoke ‘Learning for Life’ Programme and our Tutor Programme during year 7 to 11 and Sixth Form which includes Careers Education. Students start to develop the generic skills they will need to be successful whatever their chosen career. The programme is based on the Personal Thinking and Learning Skills Framework. The 6 skill areas are – creative thinkers, effective participators, independent enquirers, reflective learners, self-managers and team work. This introduces them to the skills they will need for securing success in the future. For example, students learn about making informed decisions, financial planning, the world of work, making a difference in their community, and developing an understanding of the wider world.

The programme encourages them to recognise and develop their own skills. During careers sessions they cover self-development, finding out about the world of work and developing employability skills to apply to working life
Students also develop their self-awareness, understanding of the world of work and employability skills outside the classroom

The Academy holds an annual careers fair to help students plan for their future

We have strong links with local employers, colleges, universities and training providers who come in and work with our students to develop their knowledge of local opportunities. We arrange visits out of school so students can develop their understanding of opportunities in the working world.

Careers Journey - From Year 7 - Year 11

Our careers program is designed to meet the statutory guidance including the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Which can be found here.


Careers education starts in Year 7 with an introduction to careers planning.  The sessions are taught through leading questions such as ‘what is a career?’  and ‘how do you start researching ideas and start to plan your next steps?’ Students are introduced to online careers resources, labour market information and how the world of work is changing.



In Year 8 students continue investigating possible career routes and start matching their skills and qualities to suitable occupations. This helps to inform them when choosing their optional subject choices. A careers fair is also offered for students and parents to assist in this process. Students also take part in an enterprise activity delivered by local employers and the Wolverhampton Education Business Partnership.



In Year 9, students spend more time looking at the skills and qualities required by employers and recognise the qualities and skills that help make a young person employable. They are then encouraged to think about how they can evidence the skills they have developed both in and out of school. Students also take part in an enrichment day dedicated to meeting various employers and attend sessions on apprenticeships, higher education and personal skills.


Year 10

During Year 10 students have a number of enrichment sessions to help prepare them for their next steps. Firstly, preparation for a work experience placement. Students are supported to find, apply and attend a week’s work experience placement in the Spring Term, we encourage independence in this task so that they understand the process of finding employment. This week allows them to ‘try out’ a job that they are interested in and see whether it is a good fit for them. Students also spend time gaining information on common misconceptions, for example, the difference between BTEC’s and A levels and misconceptions surrounding student finance. Towards the end of Year 10, they are given time to research their education, training, apprenticeship, employment and volunteering options post 16, including information about the best progression pathways for their specific goals. Students also attend a day delivered by employers and the Wolverhampton Education Business Partnership in order to hone their interview skills.



During Year 11 students continue to investigate post 16 options, attend the school careers fair (which gives students the opportunity to speak to various professionals and organisations) and start applying for their post 16 destination. All Year 11 students will have a 1:1 careers meeting with either the school Careers Lead, Mrs Jones, or a member of Wolverhampton Connexions, where they are able to talk though their career aspirations, post 16 destinations and get support with applying to colleges, 6th forms or apprenticeships.


This program is further enhanced by the provision of a range of trips and visits over the year for students to attend. These trips have included the annual Skills Show at Dunstall Racecourse, visits to universities such as Aston and Cambridge and visits to employers such as EY in Birmingham, Rolls Royce in Derby and AF Blakemore in Wolverhampton.

All students have access to a range of online websites and a careers library to support their careers exploration as well as a personal account on Kudos-a careers exploratory website. The school takes part in National Careers Week with all staff and subject areas bringing careers to the classroom.


Labour Market Information

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