Year 7 Transition

Ormiston SWB Academy are delighted to welcome our new Year 7 Cohort!

Induction Days

Our Induction days will take place on:

Wednesday 05 July 2023 – 09:00am until 2.30pm

Thursday 06July 2023- 09:00am until 2.30pm

Friday 07 July 2023- 09:00am until 2.30pm

Throughout the day your child will participate in a variety of curriculum lessons, form/team building activities and become more familiar with the Ormiston SWB Academy environment.

For the induction period we advise that students bring a small ‘healthy’ snack and drink for break time (please do not send fizzy energy drinks) and they will be provided with a hot or cold lunch selection on this day. If you prefer your child to bring their own lunch they are very welcome to. Please ensure your child wears their primary school uniform for the induction period.

Please find attached the links for the admission form and NHS form.

Admission Form (Mandatory).

Medical Form (Mandatory)

The above forms need to be completed online by Monday 03 July 2023.

Please read our Student and Parent Charter, and the following information and guidance on Parental Consent and Attendance.

We regularly post content on our social media accounts (@oswbacademy  for Facebook,  Twitter, and TikTok) Instagram ( @oswbademy) and YouTube accounts ( ) – so follow and subscribe now.

Please contact us on 01902 493797 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Where can I purchase Academy uniform?

All information regarding Academy uniform expectations and where to purchase can be found on our Uniform page.