Year 7 Induction Summer School 2021

 "Look where we are now!"

Our new Year 7 students have had a challenging year. Primary school closures, missing out on trips, activities, practical lessons, cancelled end of year 6 events due to endless bubble closures resulting in some not even being able to say goodbye to their friends and teachers… but through our first ever Year 7 Induction Summer School, we have been able to move on with confidence as this exciting new year group have shown, through their stunning behaviour and effort this week, that they are true Ormiston SWB Students showing our CORE values! They have plenty of Character, good Organisation (although some could improve in that regard!), Resilience in spades, and all staff agree there has been plenty of Excellence on display!

We want to celebrate their achievement by sharing with you a special video highlights just some of the brilliant activities that have been enjoyed this week.

Well done Year 7, we look forward to welcoming you back in September!